Naked Brains
Is it possible to visualize brain activity during arousal?

José Fernando Andrade and Federico Foderaro from Innative Lab use a brain-computer interface to show how our brains react to excitement.
Recent developments in neuroscience and new sensing technologies make it possible and easy to examine our brain activity, even at home. The cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters during arousal is brought to audio-visuals using a wireless electroencephalogram device. A female test individual stimulates herself to wake up excitement and emotions that are revealed on screen in real time through 3D animations.

Watch here.
Citizen Mirror
I collaborated with the artist Astrid Kraniger on this interactive piece. The piece consists on a screen, a "mirror", which displays a white wireframe-box containing data associated with the beholder.
The piece is realized using Python, Tensorflow and Max/MSP.

From the artist's description of the work:
"Machine learning algorithms are already being used to monitor and control people. Power over these systems lies in the hands of the corporations that collect the most data about the world. The systems are trained with categorised data. The labelling of the data is done by people, detached from any discourse. The later decisions of the trained systems cannot be traced back to their sources. Values passed on hide behind the infallibility of the machine and are not further questioned. The question arises, whether one has to watch how the world views of the privileged are manifested and reproduced in an "infallible" system or whether there is the possibility to make sources transparent and to embed human diversity and non-discriminatory values for a fairer world in these systems. "
Live Cinema Installation
I collaborated with the collective Astarté and the artist Ludovico Failla to the "Live Cinema" event, taking place in Rome in February 2018. For this event I created a video installation that was processing and displaying in real-time video material recorded during the event.
Muschel 17-87
Worked with the multimedia artist Astrid Kraniger on the performative and installation work "Muschel 17-87". The visual part is generated live in Unity using scripts and shaders, while the sound is generated in real-time in Max/MSP. The work is presented both in form of live perfomance and installation. [Link to Astrid's multimedia works]

"Muschel 17-87 is fed constantly with sound. To sound that it likes it produces visual patterns. These are supervised by humans and thrown on a wall. The humans examine and modify the given patterns in order to paste them in their understanding of beauty. Learning from the machine´s choices the performers try to exploit the maximum of the machine. In exciting it more and more they lead Muschel17-87 to an audio visual orgasm."

Watch here.
Data Shadow Installation
I worked with the multimedia artist Joanna Sleigh on her installation at the UDK university in Berlin. I realized the interaction and the visuals.

Watch here.
Towards the Zero Point
I worked with the multimedia artist Kristina Paustian on her installation at the museum MAXXI in Rome. I realized the interaction. Made with Max/MSP. [Link to Kristina's page of the work]
Atome Primitif - Quipu Ep “Hush” Remix Video
I realized the video for the remix of the track “Hush” from Atome Primitif contained in the ep of the artist “No Finger Nails”. The video was created with the software Max/MSP and edited in post production.

Watch here.
Opus Magnus CG Intro
I realized the computer graphics intro for the second episode of the short film “Opus Magnus”. I used the software Adobe AfterFX for the realization of this clip. “Opus Magnus” is a musical opera in the shape of a smartphone app. It was composed by the composer Manuel Durao and filmed and directed in Leipzig in 2016 by the multi-media artist Nicola Piccini.

Watch here.
Stirpe 999 Label Teaser Videos
I realized the teaser videos for the release of two albums on the label “Stirpe 999”. They were created using the software Max/MSP and video editing in post production.

Watch here.