Nature Changes Along with Us
I worked with the Artist Martin Backes to the development of the work "Nature Changes Along with Us". My task was to develop a software to simulate the appearance and the behavior of a soap bubble, which I did using Max/MSP and the GLSL shading language. Martin says about the work: In this work, seemingly purposeless actions are repeated over and over again. A surreal, absurd situation dealing with the contemporary individual seeking to control nature in a way, which increasingly resembles the monotony of operating machines we have created ourselves. The belief in the ability to exert control over the environment for the well-being of individuals still seems omnipresent. It remains uncertain if such a perception of control goes even beyond a simple desire and is, in fact, a psychological and biological necessity?! Do we need to recognize that in our successful control over nature, we have alienated ourselves from it?
Kamal is a website developed for Centro Huarte, in Huarte (Spain), in collaboration with Max Stein and Paula Carralero. Kamal is composed of four interactive maps in which artists from Spain and all over the world are displayed. Every artist interested can fill the form and appear in the website. The client application is written in Javascript, using the P5 library for the graphical part.
Magic Snack Machine
I realized the underlying application for a "magic snack machine" that could be controlled without touching it, by using the hands and special gestures. The machine was part of the promotion of the Fox's series "The Gifted", and was located both in the Central Station of Berlin and the Vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf during January 2018. The program was realized using Max/MSP and the XBox Kinect V2.
I create the sound design for the installation of Michel Comte, "Light", exposed at MAXXI museum in Rome, in the winter 2017.
VJ Patch 01
An audio reactive patch in a minimalistic black and white style, developed on commission for "Pajama Consulting".
Spirit of Autumn - Artechouse
Together with the "A-Blok" agency I worked on the installation at Artechouse (Washington DC) during summer 2017. I curated part of the leaves and the interaction mechanics.
We are Opinion
I worked together with the "A-Blok" agency to the development of the "We are Opinion" solution.
Code / City 2017
I worked together with the artists Manu Luksch and Jack Wolf to the installation "Code / City 2017", which was centered on the theme of big data and smart cities. I curated the programming of the visual output.