The theme of the work is the influence of mankind on the planet since the industrial revolution. The Earth gets reshaped by the tools, machines and weapons of the men. We are at the beginning of the Anthropocene, and nobody can predict its course.

This work was awarded with the 2017 Jury prize for the Mutek contest "Anthropocene"
Anthropocene Expanded
A spin-off of the "Anthropocene" work. It's an audiovisual piece created for live performances, entirely generated with Max/MSP and Ableton Live.
BLAMM! is a work based on sensorial impact. The audience gets logged into a virtual universe, in which a creature made of unstable bits tries to balance itself. The creature generates its own sound, and the sound alter the creature’s structure. It’s a feedback loop that can bring to the explosion or the annihilation of the virtual environment. The feedback is continuously dosed by the performer, thus creating tensions and releases and building a formal structure.
With the 'Vitruvian Man', Leonardo pays homage to the classic reconciling art with science. He anticipates the whole modern need: rediscover the meaning of the totality of nature, where each part lives in the 'whole of everything'. A new knowledge that leads man to see himself in relation to the whole universe. The complexity of modern thinking and scientific progress have produced net interconnection metaphor. Internet, web, make us understand the world as an organic whole of living things, such as Dawn of a new era in which a vigilant conscience warns us that every part connects to all according to the "divina proportione", that man is a part of the planet Earth, and that this is our only home. Bringing the science, art and nature together, to find, with Leonardo, also another aesthetic and then another ethics. For it, the complexity of the beauty is the only way to solve the problems of life, in this which in many ways seems like an era of death. Because, as stated by Edgar Morin: 'the only authentic religion of hyper-complex is love'.