Working On

Updated 01/08/2022

Long Term
  • Freelancer at Cycling74 - Creating Tools for Jitter (Max/MSP, JS) Cycling74
  • Creating Video Tutorials and Max/MSP patches for the Amazing Max Stuff YT Channel and Patreon (Max/MSP, JS) Amazing Max Stuff YT
  • Part of Innative Lab - Creating Interactive Visual content and Brainwave Reader Device interaction for Dance Workshops and Performances Innative Lab
  • Working on a non-computer / non-software related start up (coming soon)


  • Collaborating to the Glitch Candies NFT Project Twitter Glitch Candies Finish 15/07/2022
  • Teaching Max/MSP at the Haute école de musique Genève – Neuchâtel (year 2021/2022) HEM Geneve Finish 17/06/2022
  • Working on a commissioned Interactive Visual Installation (Max/MSP) - Start 15/03/2022 - Finish 30/04/2022

  • Collaborating with Canadian Researcher - Creating Software / Hardware interaction (Unity, C#, Python) (NDA project)
  • Non-Interactive visual application (Max/MSP) - Start 15/03/2022

Federico Foderaro